Rituals of the Living

Rituals of the living at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg


The project dealt with the histories that linger in the spaces of Constitution Hill. I engaged the vestiges of stories that don’t get told, that get hidden or written out in the processes of narrativising and constructing canonic ‘official’ narratives in the museum above the dungeons where the show took place. The work settles into form and takes shape between the lingering non-narratives, the elided and imaginings beyond what is immediately discernible. Though the particularities of those histories may be out of reach and thus cannot be named, the project engages the physical space of Constitution Hill as medium through which to evoke the memory of things that have been forgotten. It was a reaction to the experiential realities of being in and inhabiting the historically loaded space which acts as a marker of histories of trauma beyond the walls of the ramparts in which the exhibition takes place.