Seven Hills, 2nd Kampala Biennale

“I was her and she was me and those we might become” at the Seven Hills, 2nd Kampala Biennale. Vide still from “My Story No doubt is me Older than me” (2015) 5’56sec My installation “I was her and she was me and those we might become” was selected for and exhibited in the  2nd Kampala Biennale, Seven Hills. The Seven Hills of the Kampala biennale theme have, for me, a resonance with a conception of deep time, a time of multiple histories that overlap, contest but are ultimately intertwined as co-producers of what has come to shape it as place. There is the…

Image by Desire Clarke

Sankɔfa Hauntings, Ghosts of a Futures Past Of things that cannot be spoken, yet they must be said: “It was not a story to pass on… The past is neither inert nor given. The stories we tell about What happened then, the correspondence we discern between today and times past, and the ethical and political stakes of these stories redound in the present. If slavery feels proximate rather than remote and freedom seems increasingly elusive, this has everyting to do with our own dark times. If the ghosts of slavery still haunts our present, it is because we are looking for an exit from the…

Future Africa Visions in Time I participated in the Future Africa Visions in Time exhibition which took place in  Bayreuth Germany and hosted but the Iwalewahaus of the University of Bayreuth. I showed my work Alzire of Bayreuth in the new Palace of the Bavarian town. The palace was the home home of the Margrave and Margravine of Prussia in the eighteenth century. The work centre on the speculative story of a servant of the Margravine, a young woman named Alzire who worked in the service of the royals. She had travel a long way to finally arrive in a place she would eventually die, world…

Alzire of Bayreuth

FAVT: FUTURE AFRICA VISIONS IN TIME   Kitso Lynn Lelliott’s work in the Neues Schloss resembles an artistic ghost-story. By means of images and sounds, the artist evokes the presence of Alzire, a young woman who has worked and lived at the court of Wilhelmine of Bayreuth. There are few traces of the young woman. Not even her real name is recorded. “Alzire” is the name given to her by Margravine Wilhelmine, based on the tragedy by the same name, “Alzire, ou les Américains”. It was written by French philosopher Voltaire, who the Margravine adored. All we know of Alzire,…

Transatlantic Saudades

When something is born out of such prolonged and sustained degradation of human dignity, can the resulting structures not bear traces of the permeating and pervasive traumas? A question that started forming in my mind a few weeks into my stay in Bahia and has remained with me ever since. And a question as applicable to my home in South Africa as it is to my experience of Brazil.   I explore the breadth and limits of links between myself, my personal lived memories, the communal memories I claim in an African context and the degree to which I can…

Rituals of the Living

Rituals of the living at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg The project dealt with the histories that linger in the spaces of Constitution Hill. I engaged the vestiges of stories that don’t get told, that get hidden or written out in the processes of narrativising and constructing canonic ‘official’ narratives in the museum above the dungeons where the show took place. The work settles into form and takes shape between the lingering non-narratives, the elided and imaginings beyond what is immediately discernible. Though the particularities of those histories may be out of reach and thus cannot be named, the project engages the…

Deep Memory

I was part of the group show Deep Memory co-curated by Breeze Yoko & Joanna Sandell and held at the Kalmar KonstMuseum. The exhibition interrogated the disproportionate representation of European histories in Africa while the long histories of Africans in Europe have been subsumed, elided and omitted to the point where the influences and contributions of Africans throughout these histories are all but erased.

Deep Memory 

Seven Hills Kampala Biennale

Rencontres de Bamako: Telling Time

Sankɔfa Hauntings, Ghosts of a Futures Past

FAVT/Future Africa Visions in Time

Transatlantic Saudades: Ateasefoɔ Amamrɛ

Alzire of Bayreuth

Rituals of the Living 

Transatlantic Saudades

Of cinema and Ghosts…

The road to Cape Coast